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Why Camp Gan Israel?

With so many other options out there... What makes Camp Gan Israel UNIQUE, SPECIAL & DIFFERENT?



You will not find staff like ours anywhere else! We carefully handpick our team from applicants around the world who wish to  devote their summer to make a difference and give their campers a meaningful and fun camp experience. They are energetic, fun loving, attentive and guaranteed to keep your kids engaged and stimulated every day. 

Prior to camp, our staff goes through rigorous training to ensure that the social and emotional needs of every child are met. The strong bonds and friendships often continue long after the camp season is over. 

If for no other reason, choose Camp Gan Israel for the staff!



Campers explore the beauty and excitement of Judaism in a joyful and accepting environment. They gain understanding of Jewish life, values and traditions through fun hands-on activities.

All campers can reap the benefits of this uniting, welcoming experience whether or not they are active in any other Jewish programs. Camp Gan Israel is the place where all Jewish children feel like they belong.




Camp Gan Israel is like dozens of specialty camps all rolled into one; sports, art, swimming, science, drama, baking, creative arts and more. You name it, we’ve got it!

Our wide variety of activities allows campers to shine and discover new interests.

In a single day, your child might experience many of these activities while enjoying lots of stories, songs and making new friends in a safe, nurturing environment.


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What Else? 

Camp Gan Israel also includes all the traditional reasons for choosing a camp. Please take the time to browse the sections below for more details.




Workshops & Studios

Swimming & Sports



Why do our campers love Gan Izzy?

Now it's your turn!
Why do YOU love Gan Izzy?

The great counceler- camper ratio, councelers are great, are very enthusiastic and have a great attitude! -Y.S.


The nicest kids, the best counselors. -S.J.


The songs, the camaraderie, the field trips, and the activities are the things my child liked best about Camp Gan Israel.   She is always singing when she comes home.
-Polly L.


I love to be with the counselors because they're nice, fun and I love to meet new friends and I love to go swimming and I love to go on field trips and I love to do arts and crafts and I love to do sports and I love to do woodwork and I love bunk cheers.


 I love the counselors because the're nice and I love field trips.


Even though the counselors are different every year, Gan Izzy always hires the nicest and coolest counselors for the next year :)
-Anya K.


It's pretty cool. The CIT programs are pretty awesome for middle schoolers, something I can definitely recommend.
-A. M.



Now What?

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Our unique "Good Night Gan Izzy" program where our dedicated staff visit their campers at home! 

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